Removes and prevents the formation of deposits
Removes and prevents the vaves and regulators blocking
Removes and prevents the blocking of vaporization systems
Removes water
Ensures a better combustation 

VK® is a product used in propane. A product that changes lower end LPG into a higher quality more friendly LPG.

Features & Benefits:

  • VK – consists of several unique chemical compounds dispersed in a petroleum base hydrocarbon solvent. It may be used as part of a maintenance program removing and preventing deposits occurring in vaporizers and downstream in regulators and valves.
  • VK – will also clean tanks and lines.
  • VK – has polar solvents which have been selected to first soften and then gradually remove long chain hydrocarbons carrying them into the combustion chamber or furnace.
  • VK – contains an oil soluble ashless organic substance that holds insoluble foreign matter in suspension without interrupting continuous service.
  • VK – will also pulverize and disperse water molecules, eliminating the need for methanol except in extreme conditions.
  • VK – contains no metallic elements.

Vapo-Kleen ®



Direct & indirect LP-GAS vaporizers

Process systems

Standby systems

Peak-load systems

Grain drier systems


Gas valve failure

Regulator failure

Oil deposits

Wax buildup

Water problems

Key benefits for cylinders users:

Blue flame

Reliability in use

Better combustion

Efficient use