Cleans pipes and injectors

Removes water

Reduces consumption

Ensures lubrication

Increases power

Reduces emissions


GSL – is a highly concentrated, ashless, non-phosphorous, fuel supplement for gasoline that improves many areas of performance while reducing emissions.

Features & Benefits


Cleans fuel lines - GSL contains a complete yet gentle detergent that cleans and dissolves mileage robbing, gum, varnish and carbon in fuel lines, carburetors, injectors and combustion chambers.

Improved mileage and power - GSL’s combustion modifier provides a smoother power stroke of the pistons. It contributes to more complete combustion so the engine will get every available bit of energy out of the fuel

Top oil lubrication - GSL has a superior top oil to supply critical lubrication to cylinder areas that normally run dry.

Water control agent - GSL contains a surfactant that breaks down the surface tension of water.

Emission reduction  - GSL contains anashless organic combustion improver that change the molecular structure of the gasoline to let it burn more completely yet leave no harmful deposits.

Lead substitute - GSL contains a compound designed to reduce wear damage to vital engine part caused by unleaded gasoline.