BlueMoon Filtration – Quality Fuel Assurance

BlueMoon Filtration

Since 1994, BlueMoon Filtration is the leader in the field of filtration, with ongoing research in filtration media, filter design, and manufacturing processes.

The BlueMoon Filtration system is based upon a combination of the principles, fluid movement, particulate and droplet, action, re-action, interception plus molecular motion along with diffusion.

Stage One: Designed to remove and then hold the water, heavy oils, and particulate from the fuel as it passes through the filter.

Remove and held: heavy oils and most sulphur

Added benefit: when the size of the water droplets increases, smaller particulate, heavy oils, sulphur, etc., are encapsulated in the water droplets and held.

Stage Two: This stage removes particulate and water down to the 20-micron level. By designing the second stage to allow the particulate and water droplets as they become larger to move back to the first stage, prolongs filter life. This is a combination of Van der Waal and Coanda principles of particulate and fluid movement.

Stage Three: The walls of this filter stage, and/or the filter media causes larger droplets to form, plus encapsulating particulate, and heavy oil aerosol droplets, within the small micron 10-micron filter stage. The use of interception and diffusion was the resulting filtration technique for this stage. The integrated result of molecular motion and filter media.

Stage Four: The final stage, was design to present optimum structure of filter media. Since most of the larger water, heavy oils, and particulate molecules have been removed before entering this phase, the 5- micron stage is able to work longer and more efficiently. This unique multistage system design does not have leaks around the filter cartridge and unfiltered fuel is not allowed into the system.