Motto: Differentiate or Die

Zynergo’s beliefs have defined the company since its first years. Established in 2012 as an official distributor of Energy Additives Inc. in Romania, Zynergo differentiated itself from the competition by providing greater service, products and know-how for customers.

We are different because:

Our products are innovative and of high quality, designed with a deep sense of respect for the environment.

Our services are designed to meet customer’s needs, bringing a high level of performance and know-how. We support our customers on the process of identifying the business needs, determining the technical solutions and establishing project deadlines. We also get involved in technical and marketing support, designing quality control schemes, and developing work safety and environment protection guidelines.

We provide not only the best products, but also full technical solutions for direct additivation as part of the technological processes. This includes designing and putting in place additivation lines, obtaining the necessary authorizations and integration with the global production systems.

We are using our expertise throughout our activity and we are differentiated by the quality of our work.

We are aware that we can only achieve fantastic results if we include environment responsibility as part of our daily goals and if we are acting with social responsibility in mind. This way, our products help conserve natural resources and insure a higher quality of life for all.